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Problem statement:

Uganda is 2nd in world production of non-dessert banana. Highest occupation for the rural population c75% but mostly poor Highest calorie resource base c60% therefore fresh matooke market was not viable as a growth strategy. Uganda has no position in the vibrant world banana Market Matooke status is a low value commodity High post harvest losses 40% Matooke no viable market entry point on the world market Uganda landlocked therefore resorts to airfreight for fresh dessert banana to niche markets.
There was no specific strategic/policy intervention to help Uganda harness her excess matooke & research output into marketable value added commodities.

PIBID therefore,was set up to provide farmers with the following;

  • Have accessibility to tested technologies in order to optimize their production capacity.
  • Access experienced professionals to educate them in processing and value addition and marketing techniques to help optimise the cost benefit ratio of their operations.
  • Acquire improved rural infrastructure that can support grading and quality standards for processed banana products at the village level
  • Be empowered in their bargaining power through the formation of strong marketing associations for greater collective action in accessing critical inputs, value addition facilities, and meeting market requirements, i.e., volume, quality and timeliness of supplies