• Commercialisation of production of matooke as an industrial raw material
  • To ensure continued food security


  • High input strategy- utilising fertilizers including the biomass dryer by-products.
  • Soil management best practices-through training & research
  • Irrigation/fertigation will be modelled initially at TBI & later in selected communities tapping into Bushenyi District vast water resources
  • Agro diversity

This will lead to a commercially competitive productivity of:-

  • Plant population increased up to 2200 stools per ha.
  • Productivity up to four bunches per stool per year.
  • Minimal crop loss through wind damage..
  • Yield increased from current 7tons/ha/year to 70-80 tons/ha/year.
  • Cost per Kg falls up to 5 times hence increasing competitiveness of banana flour on the market.
PIBID - Presidential Initiative On Banana Industrial Development