Value Addition & Quality Control

We challenge our farmers to build brands that shift categories and shape culture because we recognise that at a time when people are way more interested in their lives than in the brands we are charged with marketing, we need to develop brands that deliver experiences and champion issues that people genuinely want to engage with.

Being developed in two stages

Stage I- At the TBI

  • Training of trainers in value addition to matooke
  • Pilot processing to stimulate the entrepreneurship in banana value addition-through bulk storage of both of Tooke flours
  • Product development & alternative utilization of by-products of the banana industry.
  • Develop quality assurance and safety

Stage II- Community processing centers

  • Community mobilization, & skills development in Value addition.
  • Establishment of processing centers- dryers fuelled by biomass generated gas.
Value Addition & Quality Control - PIBID: Presidential Initiative On Banana Industrial Development