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Research for Development and Value Addition

Facts about Matooke

Matooke flours properties have strong market appeal

  1. Good starch properties: Good composite for wheat/raw material for non-wheat bakery products, good consistence for, soups, porridges, as binder in confectionery etc. Resistant to swelling-very shelf-life.
  2. Potassium rich- approx 2%: Potassium good for healthy.
  3. Gluten free/high starch content: Strong wheat substitute.
  4. Virtually fat free: Popular trend among health conscious (international markets), Cholesterol free, Shelf-stable.
  5. Sugar free: Popular trend among health conscious (international markets).
  6. High energy density-in solubilised instant flours: Good as weaning food base for children/HIV/AIDS.
  7. High Fibre (instant matooke flours): (8%)-health food.
  8. Instant flours: –present novel convenient form for matooke.
  9. Very low phenolics:-flat taste no astringency/good colour