Presidential Initiative On Banana Industrial Development
Research for Development and Value Addition

Our Values

As PIBID strives to kick-start state of the art banana processing enterprises targeting rural farmers, it is guided by these core values:


Ethics is the basic principle which led to the birth of the PIBID project in line with the national motto for God and my country. This therefore calls for an inherent responsibility to upholding what is morally right and acceptable irrespective of personal creed or confession and putting the national interest above personal interest at all times.


Pledging mutual respect for one another, endeavouring to fully value and affirm the dignity and uniqueness of each other. Respecting and affirming others,  as well as respecting each others their time and property rights. Respect for the laws and rules of the PIBID project and those of the Nation.


Pledging to integrate actively what we believe, with what we do. Doing the right things for the right reasons, whether or not anyone will know.


Committed to being good stewards of all resources by exercising thoughtful and cost effective use of the time, skills and finances we have strive for quality and seek to maximize the opportunities we have to fulfil our mission.


The routes (activities) of getting to the vision may change but entertain no doubt that we have all it takes to accomplish the PIBID’s mission with God as our help.